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Uganda Budget

The Guardian’s Poverty Matters blog recently published an article on the interactive visualisations of a London-based Overseas Development InstitutePublish What You Fund. The piece deals with how the institute is bringing transparency and clarity to of how donors are spending aid in Uganda, and comparing that with where the government allocates its resources.

It notes how ‘the Ugandan government was only aware of half the aid being spent in the country, despite routinely requesting this information from donors.’

From the article:

The Publish What You Fund campaign group and the Open Knowledge Foundation have now produced a visualisation of Uganda’s aid and budget data for 2003-2006, billed as the first time both sets of data have been displayed together in a way that is easy to explore. A quick look shows just how big a piece of the puzzle aid spending is – more than 50% of overall resources available in Uganda for 2005-2006. The vast majority of this $1.1bn in aid was spent directly by donors on various projects, with only a third given to the government to spend along with its domestic resources. Interestingly, aid money made up only a small proportion of resources for education, while accounting for the majority of resources for health, agriculture, water and the environment.


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