2011 Visualized – [VIDEO]

The folks over at Visualizing.org have put together a comprehensive collection of the best visualizations of 2011.

Visualizing 2011 from Visualizing on Vimeo.

Egypt Influence Network

Visualizing Deletion Discussions on Wikipedia

The Past and the Future of US Manufacturing

7 days of earthquakes in Japan

Tsunami Wave Height Model

Nuclear Anxiety

How many people live near a nuclear power plant in the USA?

Ghost Counties

UK and London Riots Statistics 2011

Breaking Bin Laden: Visualizing the Power of a Single Tweet

The Future of Facebook

Visualizing the Global Digital Divide

South Sudan – World’s Newest Country

Debt Ratings Browser

A Binary Balm for Bruised Manufacturing?

Hurricanes: Does Media Coverage Rival the Storm?

Fast Company Occupy Wall Street Infographic

The Mood of Europe

Ode To Steve Jobs

World Population Prospect

Hitting the Ceiling: How Will the Budget Control Act of 2011 Affect the Nation?


Demographic Foam: U.S. census in 2010

Health InfoScape


Music: Music Milky Eyes by Maupa

(via thenextweb)

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