The corruption map of the world

Transparency International’s transparency index measures each country in the world on corruption. See how they compare by clicking on each country.

Transparency International’s 2011 Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) has just been released, and reveals that corruption around the world remains deeply entrenched – especially on the African continent.

From Transparency International:

The 2011 corruption perceptions index measures the perceived levels of public sector corruption in 183 countries and territories around the world. It is a composite index, a combination of polls, drawing on corruption-related data collected by a variety of reputable institutions. The CPI reflects the views of observers from around the world, including experts living and working in the countries/territories evaluated.

Afghanistan and Myanmar share second to last place with a score of 1.5, while Somalia and North Korea come in last with a score of 1.

New Zealand is perceived as the country with the least corruption with a score of 9.5; while Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Singapore all come in the top five.

See how they compare by clicking on each country, in the Guardian’s Interactive graphic below.

The corruption map of the world

For more infographics on the Corruption Perceptions Index 2011, check out

(via Guardian data blog)

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