InvisibleChildren’s 2011 Expenses – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Invisible Children is a US-based campaigning group, founded in 2004 by film-makers, which has been working in Uganda – monitoring LRA movements and helping displaced children and families. They recently released a 30-minute film – Kony 2012 – to raise awareness of the activities of Joseph Kony, who leads the Lord’s Resistance Army. The film has gone viral – amassing over 70 million views –  but has led to a lot of questions about the group and their finances.

This morning, Invisible Children issued a detailed response to the criticism here with one of the interesting aspects being the infographic detailing their 2011 expenses. The graphic provides a clear view of how they spent their income in 2011:

Below is a screen-shot from pages 35 and 36 of the 2011 Invisible Children annual report that detail our total expenses for Fiscal Year 2011. An expense statement by class is the way nonprofits present their expenses to the public because it’s the clearest way to show the purpose of different organizational expenses vs. a line item expense statement such as the one on page 6 of our Audited Financial Report.

For more on InvisibleChildren’s financial details, check

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