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Last week’s South By South West festival saw the launch of a new Infographic creation tool from the folks over at The tool is attempting to do for infographics what Microsoft did for presentations through its powerpoint software i.e. make it easy to create presentations using custom templates.

The company launched a new platform which allows anyone to create data visualisations based on data Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) from Facebook Insights, Twitter and more.

Currently, offers a small range of WordPress-like themes and a small list of datasets. expects the range of themes/designs and data feeds will grow over time and to facilitate this they will be opening the platform up to the community, so that anyone can create their your own designs and themes.

From the blog post on the announcement:

Making an infographic, based on your own data, couldn’t be easier. Simply connect and click to produce a professional-looking  infographic. If you don’t like the first design you try, click though the themes until you find one that you do like.

We are social creatures, so we thought it only natural to start with Twitter and Facebook. Using feeds from our partners at Infochimps, PeopleBrowsr, and, we’ve enabled you to create infographics that track and measure you or your brand’s performance in social media.

Infographic Creation Made Easy with Create

To create a custom infographic using’s new tool, check out

(via fastcodedesign)

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