US Gov Bailouts by Industry – [INFOGRAPHIC]

NPR’s Planet Money team have created a simple infographic to highlight the US Government’s bailout of variousĀ  industries over the past four years. The infographic highlights that:

while much of the bailout money has been paid back, the government still owns large shares in companies such as AIG and GM, and has yet to recoup some $200 billion in bailouts.

Gov Bailouts

The figures on which the infographic is based come from ProPublica, and are based on funds disbursed by the Treasury Department, but exclude programs launched by the Federal Reserve as part of the bailout. Repayments are based on money recovered by the Treasury through direct payments, dividends, interest, stock sales and other collateral.

Beware, however, as the numbers above do not tell the full story about the cost of these bailouts. For more on this, check The Profitable Bailout? Inside the Real Costs of the Saving AIG and Wall St.

(via Planet Money)

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