Time-lapse Travel Video

360 degree bike journey – [TIME-LAPSE]

German photographer Jonas Ginter creates a beautiful 360-degree spherical panorama timelapse of his bike journey, using 6 GoPro cameras and a 3D-printed mount.

(h/t explore.noodle.org)

Flow Chart Funny

Will you have a cup of tea – [FLOW-CHART]

The folks over at DailyEdge.ie have created a funny flow-chart highlighting the persecution levelled at teabag rejecters up and down Ireland.

They present the conversation as follows:

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Art Time-lapse Video

Creating “The Kelpies” – [TIME-LAPSE]

Filmaker Walid Salhab presents a unique timelapse short film “The Kelpies” featuring footage captured within a live construction site. It covers the creation of a 30m tall stainless steel horse heads at The Helix in Scotland. The sculpture, created by artist Andy Scott, officially to the public next week.

The Kelpies from The Helix on Vimeo.

The film was created

from over 60 days of stop-motion filming across 7 months, and tracking construction through to completion, this film uses over 12,000 individual photos, none of which have been edited or manipulated beyond settings inside the camera. Walid captured 120,000 individual images to create this seven minute masterpiece.

Music: ‘The Kelpies’ by Iglomat.

Ideal Length for Online Content – [INFOGRAPHIC]

A simple guide for the ideal length of all your online content.


(h/t thenextweb)

Graphs and Charts Internet Map Visualizations

The Internet Tube – [VISUALIZATION]

The visualization below, from the Oxford Internet Institute, attempts to simplify the world’s network of submarine fiber-optic cables into a commonly understood subway map.

Each stop on the subway is a node (a place where data is sent and received like an Internet service provider) assigned to a country. The map is generated by taking node data from cablemap.info which“aims to provide a global overview of the network, and a general sense of how information traverses our planet,”.

A higher resolution image is available at geography.oii.ox.ac.uk.

(h/t slate.com)

Art Visualizations

Periodic Table of Swearing – [VISUALIZATION]

A different kind of Periodic table…

(h/t broadsheet)

Art Video

Visualization of Sound – [VIDEO]

Katarzyna Kijek and Przemyslaw Adamski’s award winning stop motion film visualising the physics of sound. From the creators say:

[Noise is] inspired by the theoretic work of George Berkeley and basics of synesthetic perception. It’s a game of imagination provoked by sound. Individual sounds penetrating into the apartment of the main character relieved of their visual designates evoke images distant from its origins.

(h/t broadsheet)

Europe Infographic

1914 Map of Europe – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Hugely informative Map of Europe at the start of 1914,  including a chronology of the first months of World War I.

(h/t AFP)

Graphs and Charts Visualizations

Movie Quotes as Charts – [CHARTS]

FlowingData have visualized the American Film Institute’s 100 most memorable quotes from American cinema. Very clever!

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Graphs and Charts Politics Visualizations

2014 Elections Worldwide – [VISUALIZATION]

The Economist’s superb visualization of 2014′s upcoming elections.

(h/t sunlightfoundation.com)