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Ideal Length for Online Content – [INFOGRAPHIC]

A simple guide for the ideal length of all your online content.


(h/t thenextweb)

Where Stuff Lives – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Doghousediaries’ nice visual representation of where your data lives.

(h/t sunlightfoundation)

Mapping the World in Tweets – [VISUALIZATION]

The folks over at Twitter have created some astonishing maps using billions of geotagged tweets. Every dot on the maps below represents a geotagged tweet, with the brighter colors showing high concentrations of tweets.




North America:

(h/t worldbank)

Champions League Final in Lego and Twitter – [VISUALIZATION]

Bayern Munchen’s 2:1 victory against¬†Borussia Dortmund in this year’s Champions League securing their fifth title in Europe’s most prestigious football cup. For anyone who missed this trilling finale, the Guardian has recreated a shortened version of the match in Lego.

Twitter also visualized the final – in terms of tweets per minute and player mentions.

(h/t mashable)

Jittery Financial Markets In One Graph – [GRAPHS]

Earlier this week the Associated Press reported its official Twitter account was hacked. The hacker tweeted out that there had been a White House explosion causing a huge drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average before it quickly recovered.

(h/t Sunlightfoundation)

Anatomy of Twitter – [FUNNY]

A visual representation of who’s on Twitter. Seems about right to me…

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New York: Foursquare check-ins after Sandy – [VISUALIZATION]

Foursquare has released a heat-map of check-ins showing the impact of Hurricane Sandy on check-ins throughout Manhattan. The visualization shows how the southern half of the city, which suffered blackouts and flooding, reflects a steep drop in online activity post-sandy.

(via Gigaom)

Premier League Versus La Liga – [INFOGRAPHIC]

The folks over at thescore created this great infographic a few weeks ago to highlight the differences and similarities between arguably Europe’s two best football leagues. The flamboyance and money of the English Premier League, versus the technical prowess of the Spanish La Liga. The Infographic takes a look how both leagues figure in the world of social media, versus the real world.

Premier League Versus La Liga

(via thescore)

Euro 2012 Twitter Data Visualization – [VISUALIZATION]

Social media monitoring company Brandwatch have created a cool data visualization Web tool, which reveals what twitter user sentiment on the England and Germany squads. The chatter is updated in real-time as people tweet about different players.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), there is no such visualization available for the Ireland squad.
Brandwatch England Euro 2012

As TheNextWeb says:

If nothing else, this is a good example of how, with the right presentation, social data can be aggregated and used to give a good overview of national sentiment around an event.

(via TheNextWeb)

The Web’s Most Viral News Sources – [INFOGRAPHIC]

NewsWhip Рan Irish based News aggregation site Рhas created the superb infographic below, ranking news sites based on how many viral stories they produced during  January 2012. The definition of a viral story is one getting at least 100 likes or shares (on Facebook) or 100 Tweets (on Twitter).
The top 25 most viral news sources on Facebook and Twitter

(via NewsWhip)