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10 Things Invented By The Irish – [INFOGRAPHIC]

In time for St. Patrick’s day, GoIreland (an Irish booking engine) has created an Infographic listing 10 weird things invented by the Irish. These include:

  • The Submarine
  • Colour Photography
  • Soda Water
  • Aircraft Ejection sear
  • and of course Guinness!

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Infographic Innovation

Desperately Seeking Innovators – [INFOGRAPHIC]

GOOD and Common Five have collaborated to produce an informative infographic on the “dwindling pool of future U.S. innovators” and the reasons that keeps students from fields typically associated with innovation. It provides a good understanding of why many young people aren’t looking at the fields of Science Technology Engineering and Maths as a possible future career paths.

30% of young people surveyed said that they find Science Technology Engineering Maths (STEM) topics “too challenging”. Along with this 45% of students reported that “invention is not given enough attention in school.” and only 22% of the 16-25 year-olds said that they would be motivated by “jobs that would give them a chance to change the world.”

The full detailed infographic is available at good.is.

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Everything is a Remix (Social Evolution) – [VIDEO]

Part 4 of Kirby Ferguson’s Everything is a Remix series investigating social evolution and the meaning of copyright. To watch the entire series, check out Everything is a Remix.

Everything is a Remix Part 4 from Kirby Ferguson on Vimeo.

For more on Patent trolls, check out This American Life’s excellent podcast on the companies that ‘amass huge troves of patents and make money by threatening lawsuits’.

Infographic Innovation

Patent Problem – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Inspired by last year’s This American Life episode When Patents Attack!, Jason (Frugal Dad) created a superb infographic  highlighting “some of the facts behind the patent industry and how it’s changed as software, technology, and the internet have developed at an incredible pace”.

patents infographic

Source: http://frugaldad.com


Infographic Innovation

World’s most Innovative Countries – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Good and Column Five have put together an infographic based on the most innovative countries and industries.

The methodology used was based on four primary criteria:

  1. Success: The ration of patent applications to patent grants over the course of the past three years
  2. Global reach: The percentage of the patent portfolio recognised and protected by the major patent authorities in the US, Chinam Europe and Japan
  3. Influence: The long-term impact of innovations, as measured by how often the patent is cited within the industry
  4. Volume: The number of new techniques or inventions created – excluding patents that refine existing innovations

The U.S. comes first as the most innovative country, with France and Sweden the most innovative in Europe.

World’s Most Innovative Countries [Infographic]

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The Many Faces Of Innovation – Infographic

Socialcast have created a fascinating infographic looking at how social business tools are entering the workplace and facilitating greater collaboration among a diverse range of groups. The graphic is based on data from a Forbes Insight survey of 321 executives from large, global enterprises and a paper on Diversity Management for Innovation from a team of UK researchers.

#E2sday: The Many Faces of Innovation

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