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24 Hours of the New York City Subway – [VISUALIZATION]

Will Geary’s beautiful visualization of a day’s worth of travel on New York City’s subway routes.

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US Cities Light Up – [VIDEO]

Filmmaker Aaron Keigher beautifully captures the transition from dusk to night light of US cities Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and all throughout California.

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Awesome Albania – [Tilt-Shift Video]

A fantastic journey through the wonders and magnificence of Alanaia. This 4k tilt-shift video travels UNESCO World Heritage sites like Berat, Gjirokastra and Butrin. It shows the beautiful beaches of Ksamil, Himara along with the serenity of the capital Tirana.

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Mining Online Photos To Create Time-Lapses – [VIDEO]

Researchers at the University of Washington and Google have stitched together fascinating time-lapse films based on large collections of online photos.

We introduce an approach for synthesizing time-lapse videos of popular landmarks from large community photo collections. The approach is completely automated and leverages the vast quantity of photos available online. First, we cluster 86 million photos into landmarks and popular viewpoints. Then, we sort the photos by date and warp each photo onto a common viewpoint. Finally, we stabilize the appearance of the sequence to compensate for lighting effects and minimize flicker. Our resulting time-lapses show diverse changes in the world’s most popular sites, like glaciers shrinking, skyscrapers being constructed, and waterfalls changing course.

The engadget article explains the basic process:

Here’s how it works: first, the researchers sorted some 86 million photos by geographic location, looking for widely snapped landmarks. Next, the photos were ordered by date and warped so that all had a matching viewpoint. Lastly, each photo was color-corrected to have a similar appearance, resulting in uniform time-lapse videos.

For more on the research and a PDF of the process, check out their project website at Time Lapse Mining from Internet Photos.

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75 Hour Illustration in 2 minutes – [TIME-LAPSE]

This 2 minute stop motion time-lapse captures the incredibly intricate and time consuming process of creating a large-format illustration of a Parisian Neighborhood. Created by Guillaume, and taking 75 hours in total, it showcases the astonishing attention to detail and patience it takes to create such a piece of work.

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Ultra High Res Rio De Janeiro – [TIME-LAPSE]

Amazing footage from Joe Capra and his PhaseOne IQ180 camera documenting the colour and beauty of Brazil’s second largest city. Each shot is comprised of hundreds individual 80MB still images.

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Paris vs New York – [TIME-LAPSE]

Created for OpenSkies, by Matel, this unique timelapse explores the comparison and differences between Paris an New York through the lense of transport, infrastructure and national monuments.

Paris / New York from MATEL on Vimeo.

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Paris in the rain – [TIME-LAPSE]

A beautiful collection of clips shot by UK photographer Hal Bergman in Paris during January 2014.

Music: “Wreck Beach by Sean Bayntun“.

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A Tour Through Pyongyang – [TIME-LAPSE]

Rob Whitworth’s short film provides a fascinating insight into the sights and sounds of the North Korean Capital, Pyongyang.

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Beautiful PARIS – [TIME-LAPSE]

Paul Richardson’s majestic time-lapse of Paris – created from over 4000 images – showcases it’s vibrancy and energy, like nothing I’ve seen before. Truly beautiful.