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Art Travel Video

Amazing Hong Kong – [VIDEO]

Brandon Li’s stunningly beautiful short video on the daily life and culture in Hong Kong.

(h/t boingboing)

Travel Video

Iceland from above – [VIDEO]

Filmed over 8 days, this mesmerizing footage from Blue Racer Productions showcases the stunning landscapes and beauty of the North Atlantic Island.

Travel Video

Los Angeles by Air – [VIDEO]

Ian Wood’s beautiful and enchanting glide through the streets and landscapes of North America’s third largest city.

Los Angeles from Ian Wood on Vimeo.

Locations detailed at goo.gl/f4fq3U

Music: BLu ACiD’s adaptation of “If You Ain’t Never Had The Blues” by Boo Boo Davis.

Earth Travel Video

Beautiful drone footage (Iceland and Jordan) – [VIDEO]

Dima Balakirevs beautiful drone footage of Iceland, showcases the Island’s magnificant waterfalls, geothermal features, and lava formations.

In a similar vein, Scott Sporlede and Ross Borden have created another video of Jordan highlighting its stunning features from the ancient ruins of Petra to the mind-blowing rock formations of Wadi Rum.

(h/t boingboing)

Art Images Travel

Los Angeles in 10K – [PHOTOS]

Vincent LaForet’s beautiful collection of photos on the nighttime sprawl that is America’s second largest city.

More at AIR: Los Angeles 10K.

(via broadsheet)

Travel Video Visualizations

UK Airspace Infrastructure – [VISUALIZATION]

The folks over at the UK’s main air traffic service NATS have provided a superb example of the daily complexity and volumes of air traffic across the UK and Europe.

UK 24 from NATS on Vimeo.

The visualization provides for

a unique view of the holding stacks over London and how they are a fundamental part of the Heathrow operation, providing the constant flow of traffic that makes it the world’s busiest dual runway airport with 1,350 movements a day.

More at NATS blog.

Art Time-lapse Video Visualizations

75 Hour Illustration in 2 minutes – [TIME-LAPSE]

This 2 minute stop motion time-lapse captures the incredibly intricate and time consuming process of creating a large-format illustration of a Parisian Neighborhood. Created by Guillaume, and taking 75 hours in total, it showcases the astonishing attention to detail and patience it takes to create such a piece of work.

(h/t broadsheet)

Video Visualizations

A Day on the Tube – [VIDEO]

Will Gallia’s superb visualization of 562,145 journeys on the London Underground, representing 5% of Oyster card trips during a week in 2009.

(h/t broadsheet)

Art Time-lapse Travel Video

Paris vs New York – [TIME-LAPSE]

Created for OpenSkies, by Matel, this unique timelapse explores the comparison and differences between Paris an New York through the lense of transport, infrastructure and national monuments.

Paris / New York from MATEL on Vimeo.

(h/t broadsheet)

Art Time-lapse Travel Video

Paris in the rain – [TIME-LAPSE]

A beautiful collection of clips shot by UK photographer Hal Bergman in Paris during January 2014.

Music: “Wreck Beach by Sean Bayntun“.

(h/t broadsheet)