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Art Time-lapse Video Visualizations

75 Hour Illustration in 2 minutes – [TIME-LAPSE]

This 2 minute stop motion time-lapse captures the incredibly intricate and time consuming process of creating a large-format illustration of a Parisian Neighborhood. Created by Guillaume, and taking 75 hours in total, it showcases the astonishing attention to detail and patience it takes to create such a piece of work.

(h/t broadsheet)

Art Video

Visualization of Sound – [VIDEO]

Katarzyna Kijek and Przemyslaw Adamski’s award winning stop motion film visualising the physics of sound. From the creators say:

[Noise is] inspired by the theoretic work of George Berkeley and basics of synesthetic perception. It’s a game of imagination provoked by sound. Individual sounds penetrating into the apartment of the main character relieved of their visual designates evoke images distant from its origins.

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Travel Video

Amazing Journey through Peru and Bolivia – [STOP-MOTION]

Piotr Wancerz, a Polish artist from Timelapse Media, has created an elaborate and beautiful stop-motion video of his first trop to South America.  The film is comprised of 12,000 photos and video frames, shot over a three-week period and showcasing some breathtaking South American scenery.

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Art Time-lapse Video

The Painting Magician – [STOP-MOTION]

A stop-motion film of Dutch artist Thijme Termatt creating works for his IPaint Project. The film follows Termaat’s as he paints through zooming in and out of paintings, and creating the illusion of Termaat as a magician who conjours up works with a swish of his hand.

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Art Time-lapse Video

Dancing Books – [VIDEO]

What happened with Sean Ohlenkamp and his wife have  decided to start organizing their book self.  Well, the results of their efforts last year are below, but this year they’ve taken it to the next level. They spent “many sleepless nights moving, stacking, and animating books at Type bookstore in Toronto”, and in the process created the beautiful stop-motion animation below.

You can’t do that with a kindle that’s for sure.

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