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Funny Images Visualizations

‘The Fear’ – [VISUALIZED]

It’s a sensation, a feeling, most Irish people will have experienced at some time in their lives. It’s a saying we’ll all have heard by those in a delicate way on a Sunday or Monday morning. Eoin Whelehan’s visualization documents brilliantly the feelings associated with this experience.

(h/t broadsheet)

Flow Chart Funny

Flowcharts vs Photoshop – [FUNNY]

(via ilovecharts)

Funny Infographic Music

Anatomy of Songs – [INFOGRAPHIC]

How to write a great indie/country/blues/pop or classic rock song.

(h/t wronghands1.wordpress.com)

Art Flow Chart Funny

Would You Survive In Game of Thrones? – [FLOW-CHART]

Julia Lepetit’s expansive illustration of just what it takes to survive in Game of Thrones.

(h/t broadsheet)

Funny Infographic

A Journey through Ideas – [FUNNY]

The changing nature of an idea!

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Flow Chart Funny Sport

Next Manchester United Manager – [FLOW-CHART]

Speculation is rife that Louis van Gaal is set to be appointed as the next Manchester United Manager. However, for those of you still speculating, the Manchester Evening News has a useful flow-chart for those wishing to engage in the recruitment process. Depending on your preferences, it will point you in the direction the most appropriate manager.

(via manchestereveningnews.co.uk)

Flow Chart Funny

How Dogs Make Decisions – [FUNNY]

Ever wondered why dogs do the things they do?

(h/t broadsheet)

Where Stuff Lives – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Doghousediaries’ nice visual representation of where your data lives.

(h/t sunlightfoundation)

Funny Infographic Music Video Visualizations

Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ – [VISUALIZED]

The folks over at UsVsTh3m have created a neat explainer for the latest Daft Punk record.

Watch the video below and check the resemblance.

(via UsVsTh3m)

Rick Astley’s ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ – [FUNNY]

UsVsTh3m have created a superb collection of infographics outlining the data behind the lyrics of Rick Astley’s seminal song “Never Gonna Give You Up’. First check the video – its got 64 million hits, then the infographics. 64 million.


(via UsVsTh3m)