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Infographic Music

Tradition Irish Music and Instruments – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Just in time for St. Patrick’s day, this infographic (from Murphy of Ireland) presents a look at different Irish traditional music and instrumentation from 500BC to the today.

(h/t broadsheet)

Flow Chart Funny

Will you have a cup of tea – [FLOW-CHART]

The folks over at DailyEdge.ie have created a funny flow-chart highlighting the persecution levelled at teabag rejecters up and down Ireland.

They present the conversation as follows:

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Facts about Cork – [VIDEO]

Some interesting facts about Cork (thought to be the real capital) – where I’m currently living. Download the poster at dynamitestudio.ie.

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Art Travel Video

Dublin: A love letter – [VIDEO]

Filmaker Matthew Johnston presents a video lover letter to Dublin.

Matthew writes:

I moved to Dublin five years ago, at a turning point in my life. I didn’t know what to make of it at first, with its unfamiliar faces, foreign voices, filthy streets, and shiny, yet inhuman progresses. Yet it still wormed its way into my existence, it is where I’ve become an adult, made (and lost) friends, fallen in love, made stupid mistakes, and grasped opportunities.

Áth Cliath might not possess exotic climates, bleeding-edge advances, or even competent overseers, but it is the friendliest, most welcoming and forgiving place I have known. Love, laughter, time and poetry are embedded in every brick of the city; it will hug you when you’re down, kick you when you’re ahead.

Leaving here, I will leave a part of myself behind, as well as friends and family, but I hope to fill the gap with new experiences. I know, more than anything, that I will return, because it is home. If you are lucky enough to be here, look beyond the rain, the mess and the idiots in charge, get out into that day and find your city.

Music: ‘Is the Big Man Within?‘ by Caoimhín Ó Raghallaigh

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Europe Time-lapse Travel Video

Dublin 2012 – [TIME-LAPSE]

Matthieu Chardon creates a beautiful montage of Dublin and it’s historic buildings.

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Art Video

The Route to Dublin Airport – [VIDEO]

A film of the route from Phibsborough to Dublin airport by Peter O’Doherty. Filmed using a Canon 60D camera with 10-22mm lens on a Hague car mount.

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Images Time-lapse Travel Video

Ireland – [TIME-LAPSE]

Peter Cox presents a short collection of time-lapse photography of Ireland. Titled ‘Between the Raindrops‘ it showcases how “showery weather can lead to some dramatic skies”.

Between the Raindrops from Peter Cox on Vimeo.

Europe Infographic Spending

Ireland’s Bank Bailout – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ireland’s disastrous bank bailout has seen the Government pump more than €64.1 billion into the majority of Irish banks. The effect of this saw the country apply to he EU and IMF for a bailout to keep the sovereign afloat. Newly elected TD Stephen Donnelly reveals the context of this bailout in comparison with other EU countries.

The graphic underlines the impact that the banking crisis has had on the average Irish taxpayer.

Bank Bailout: Unbearable

(via Stephen Donnelly)

Europe Infographic Video

How Ireland sells itself to Multinationals – [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ireland’s Industrial Development Agency (IDA) is responsible for the attraction and development of foreign investment in Ireland. As part of this they have developed the infographic below detailing the country’s foreign direct investment and the reasons for investing in Ireland.

The number one selling point is the country’s tax/business regime, but our talent scorecard and increased cost competitiveness also make the list.

Foreign Investment in Ireland

Along with this, they created a short video below highlighting some of the reasons why Ireland is the best small country in the world to do business.

(via thejournal.ie)


Guinness Vs Beer – [INFOGRAPHIC]

GoIreland (and online booking website) have created a timely infographic for St. Patrick’s day highlighting the health benefits of drinking Guinness over Beer.

From the blog:

Whether you enjoy the dark stuff, or lean towards lager, the results show that a pint of one, or the other, can have positive effects on various areas of the body, such as the heart, bones and even your skin. Through painstaking research, we even worked out how many individual peanuts each drink is the equivalent to eating, how long it would take to burn off those calories and taken a look at some of the strongest beers known to mankind.

The Health Benefits of Guinness vs. Beer

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